Become a Sales Associate

Thank you for your interest in Razamataz! Events Unlimited, Inc.

Razamataz! Events Unlimited, Inc. offers a variety of special event services to corporations, affinity groups and individuals. Kindly continue your visit to our web site to familiarize yourself with the full scope of our services.

The sales associate positions that are offered are ones that require the individual to develop contacts within organizations desirous of assistance in the planning and production of their event such as holiday parties, golf outings, weddings, sales seminars/meetings, employee incentive programs and marketing consulting.

Once you initiate the contact, we collaborate with you in developing it into contract.

The company then takes over the responsibility of fulfilling the event requirements.

Most individuals are surprised at how many contacts they already have that can be utilized in this manner.

This is a commission only position but with a lucrative commission rate. If you would like to learn more and schedule an interview, email us at

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