Data Breach Management

Intelligent Business Concepts mission is to empower companies and individuals to take better control of personal information. There have been over 165,000,000 breaches of personal information since February 2005. The Breach Management Team has assembled a comprehensive package of protection:
  • For Businesses
  • For Individuals

Protecting Your Business

Companies store vast amounts of customer and employees personal information. Federal and state legislation addressing pre and post breach preparedness is becoming onerous. A Ponemon Institute study revealed that, on average, a company paid out $182 per lost record. Total average cost per company was $4.8 million, including costs such as:
  • Direct compliance costs
  • Lost productivity costs
  • Opportunity costs
Use the tools available to control this problem
  • Prevention Information Gap Assessment
  • Protection- Corporate Breach Insurance
  • Investigation
  • Notification requirement
  • ID Monitoring
  • Customer Assistance
  • Identity recovery
  • Corporate Employee Benefit
  • Early Alert
  • AIG Insurance
  • Newsletter
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Data breach security
The Breach Management Team Service Providers An assemblage of the best of the breed service providers to execute key elements of the package of protection.
  • Corporate Identity Protection Insurance: The AIG Theft and Fraud Division
  • Proactive Preventive Services and Forensic Investigations: AIG World Investigative Resources, Inc.
  • Notification Letters: International Graphics Communications, Inc.
  • Legal Counsel, Gap Assessment, Preventive measures and Regulatory Compliance: Jackson Lewis LLP
  • Call Center Support: KM2 Solutions, Inc.