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We all know that restaurant, nightclub, diner, fast food, catering, corporate foodservice operations and, for that matter, all food & beverage service operations are nickel and dime businesses.

Many food & beverage operations become stagnant in their attention to details that often erode away profits that should be falling to the bottom line. In some cases, management realizes there are problems and acts to correct them by searching for and hiring new or supplementary staff. While this action may solve one set of problems, it introduces another by increasing payroll expenses and the associated fringe benefit costs.

In other cases, management is overwhelmed with the burdensome activities attendant to day-to-day operations and overlooks lucrative revenue enhancing and cost cutting measures that will improve profits.

The solution to all of these problems is to use the opportunity to bring in our team of experts to analyze your individual situation and make recommendations for improvements.

Our procedure is to perform an Operational Review which provides an outsider’s independent look at key business components and prepare a detailed list of suggestions designed to enhance revenues, decrease costs and improve profits.

The process involves site visits, interviews with management employees, review of meaningful statistics and the benefit of our experience and expertise to develop recommendations without over-studying the operation. The Operational Review is planned to take no more than 20 hours of our time. The cost is based on a combination of modest fee plus a percentage of measurable first year cost savings.

Our expertise is derived from many years in the hospitality industry with entrepreneurial skills and problem solving experience in the following areas:

  • Start-Up Operations
  • Private Party Marketing
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Financial Controls and Operating Procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Systems Development
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures

Every business is unique and presents its own challenges and opportunities that need our attention. We will address each situation and furnish specific solutions that will result in a better operation and increased results on the bottom line.

Our team will not add to your payroll costs. When the job is done, our exit provides you with the benefit of our recommendations without the ongoing cost of new staff.

Contact us today and go over some of your most pressing needs. We will be happy to share our thoughts on how to help you achieve your goals.

Contact me personally with questions, comments and for assistance in planning your meeting and/or event at or (914) 654-9200
– Dennis

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Several of our team accomplishments for our clients include:

  • Reduced Workers Compensation Insurance by Over 50%.
  • Reduce Advertising Costs
  • Establish Liquor Cost Containment System
  • Increase Liquor, Beer and Wine Yields
  • Implemented Point of Sale Computer System
  • Decreased Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Increased Sales Through Pre-Arranged Bookings
  • Design and Implementation of Computerized Budgeting/Forecasting System
  • Integrated All Computerized Accounting Functions