Incentive Travel

People Prefer Travel To Motivate, Reward Or Promote

Productivity prizes consisting of 401(k) benefits, retirement credits or catalog selections are a very generous form of employee reward.

However, for sales incentives, performance improvement, purchase inducements, loyalty programs, sweepstakes, contests and drawings, there is no better, more memorable or more desirable award than travel.

That is why we have created the most rewarding experience of all.

An Award Certificate for a three, four or seven day cruise that includes accommodations, plus all meals, entertainment, international ports of call, federal taxes, customs fees and shipboard gratuities

Travelers Prefer Cruising

Research has proven that cruising has the highest satisfaction rating of all travel alternatives. With complimentary 24-hour room service, complimentary movies in your stateroom, complete spa and workout facilities and a staff-to-guest ratio of almost 2:1, why would you expect anything less?

Coordinating all the arrangements on land for individuals traveling at different times would require a full-time staff! Now, with one call, you can start your program and leave the details to us.

Wide Selection Of Ships And Itineraries

Participants can choose the most accessible gateway or the most appealing itinerary. They can plan their travel experience to fit their schedule.

Award Certificates Are Fully Upgradeable

Winners can choose to use the certificate for the cruise they have earned or they can apply the Award Certificate cruise offered by the sponsoring cruise line over any dates by simply paying the required difference based on the brochure rate to upgrade. This includes inside to ocean view cabins or even suites, as well as taking a four-day Award Certificate and applying it to a seven-day cruise.

Certificates Are Valid For 18 Months

Budgets can be guaranteed. All costs are known up front. This provides sufficient time to run the motivation or promotional program and provides the winner ample time to use the award.

Prices Are Protected

Even if the recipient chooses to upgrade the Award Certificate, the upgrade is calculated based on the full retail value for which the Award Certificate is valid. The additional amount collected is the difference between this amount and the full retail cost of the desired cruise. So your price is never revealed to the winner.

Double The Reward Satisfaction

All Award Certificates are for two guests sharing a stateroom and all onboard meals, entertainment, port charges, taxes, government fees and gratuities for the headwaiter, waiter, busboy, maitre d’ and cabin steward.

Limited Blackout Periods

On Elite, Superior and Select Award Certificates, only a few holiday dates in December are restricted. Ships selling at full brochure rate are not available for certificate use.

No Minimum Quantity To Order

Motivation programs both large and small can benefit from all these great features.

Promotional Support Is Available

Shells, postcards and brochures are available at a very low cost to help support the promotional efforts of the incentive program.

Flexibility For The Winners

Air and transfers to the port can be purchased from us, their travel agent or on their own. This allows the recipient the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing the cruise and port of departure that best fits their needs. An individual award that is designed for individual preference.

The Easy Way To Order

Contact us today. We will provide full details and program handling. Award Certificates will be shipped once full payment has been made, the promotion has been approved and a signed contract order form is on file.

Contact me personally for all your travel and destination needs at or (914) 654-9200
– Dennis

Incentive travel rewards

Possible Uses Include:

  • Auto dealers offering a cruise for each car sold or for monthly sales contests.
  • In lieu of rebates for appliances, air conditioners, or other high-ticket items.
  • Traffic Builders for in-store or mail promotions, product sweepstakes, POS promotions.
  • Sales contests for distributors, manufactures, wholesalers and independent reps.
  • Motivation for non-sales goals involving productivity, safety, attendance objectives.
  • Top award in current merchandise program.
  • Quick-start motivation in a more elaborate travel program.

Four Levels Of Rewards

    These Award Certificates are good year-round for a seven day cruise on a variety of ships. From the Caribbean islands to the more popular resort destinations, these certificates offer the greatest number of options to the winners. Cruises depart year-round from Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, San Juan and Los Angeles.
    Good for a four day cruise year-round with spectacular ports of call in Mexico, the Caribbean and The Bahamas. Cruises depart from Tampa, Miami, Port Canaveral (Orlando Gateway) and Los Angeles.
    Year-round options on a three day cruise with memories to last a lifetime. Sailing out of Miami, Port Canaveral and Los Angeles to Mexico, Catalina Island and The Bahamas.
    Valid for a three day cruise during any “value” season, these certificates offer the best opportunity to include travel in your promotion. They provide a spectacular cruise experience and still have all the features of our other levels at a lower cost. Also sailing from Miami, Port Canaveral and Los Angeles.