Why use an Intermediary?

There are many reasons to utilize our services. We believe the following are the most critical client benefits:

  • Anonymity

    The identity of our clients is never revealed during price negotiations so they cannot be taken advantage of by venue operators and vendors. Our expertise and attention to detail permits the client to achieve all possible upgrades, extras and amenities from the selected venue.

  • Added Value

    We are able to secure better pricing and added value from venues because we are in the marketplace everyday with established trade to trade relationships cultivated over many years in the business. The company’s accreditation by IATA provides additional trade to trade recognition with domestic and international venues.

    We recognize areas of opportunity for our clients during the negotiation phase and anticipate pitfalls and problems and solve them before they become apparent to our clients

  • Secret Sites

    Very advantageous is our knowledge of the numerous private membership clubs and unique and memorable spaces that are not known to the general public but are accessible to our clients through our relationships.

    Our comprehensive and up-to-date awareness of new and interesting locations, which we assemble and constantly update, are categorized as to their desirability for a range of functions, i.e. off-site meetings, special celebratory events, client entertainment, seminars, incentive destinations, etc. and then cross referenced as to size and accessibility

  • Concentrated Effort
    When we receive an assignment to locate a venue, design an event or produce a function, it becomes our top priority to seek out and research all applicable alternatives within the clients time frame. Because this is our only mission, we are able to devote all the necessary resources to accomplish the task.

Contact me personally with questions, comments and for assistance in planning your meeting and/or event at dstarr@razevents.com or (914) 654-9200
– Dennis

Intermediate services

Case Study

A client booked a three (3) star resort for a large meeting on their own but requested our assistance for their next meeting. The specifications included 600-750 sleeping rooms over a three day period, conference rooms, F&B and resort amenities.

After careful research, we negotiated and secured a four (4) star resort for the meeting at rates which produced cost 13% below what the client paid previously.